Alright guys, for the last project of my AP Comp Sci A class, I get to decide what I wanna do. It has to be challenging but doable. Our last project was a full working game of Tetris. Everything has to be in Java.

Any suggestions? I was thinking Mario, but I can't do sidescrolling stuff yet.
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How bout guitar hero with a real guitar for a controller and your software analyses the frequencies in the signal to figure out if you're hitting the right notes.

If this pedal can do this, \/\/\/ then your computer should be able to do that /\/\/\...


I was actually thinking of doing a guitar chord finder that also draws out the easiest shape for each chord, but it might be too hard. I also thought of the guitar hero thing with a keyboard.
a small car game?

Like those ones where you are moving forward, and have three lanes, and have to move to avaoid the rest of the cars around you?
Make an air hockey game. Then code the enemy bot to have AI. I did that for a project. xD
Well, we were provided with the game, but we had to make the bots do stuff (granted it was in python but I've done Java too)
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Try a fully featured Gay-dar game!
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