Hey guys,

I've been playing guitar for almost 8 years and I've been playing in bands in my region for about 4 of those. Around the time I joined UG, I also joined a local music website with a bunch of features. It was cool because you could connect with locals on a message board, they had classifieds, bands could post profiles for themselves on the site, add upcoming shows and other information kinda like myspace, there were articles on local shows/community developments, etc. A while ago, this site went down. I figured it'd be up soon afterwards, but it's been nearly 8 months and nothing has surfaced.

I want to start a new website that does these same kind of things but that does them better. The old website was good because there was nothing to compare it to. It looked like it was from 1998 and the owners didn't take care of it. I happen to also be a web designer by trade, so taking care of a website is right up my alley! (right behind making them!)

I want to make this site better, so how should I? If you guys had/have a local/community/regional music scene website, what sort of features would you like to see/do you like on it?
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list of upcoming shows
music samples
articles about various bands or interviews with said bands
new album release dates
pictures/ videos of shows
a forum
ticket giveaways

thats all i can think of right now
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In addition to what's been said, maybe profiles of the different local venues (and you could even have users rate and review them) as well as general news as it relates to local bands: who's breaking up, who's recording new stuff, who just put up new tracks on their myspace, etc.
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list of upcoming shows
music samples
articles about various bands or interviews with said bands
new album release dates
pictures/ videos of shows
a forum
ticket giveaways

thats all i can think of right now

This, also, a spotlight feature on up and coming local bands.

You should also try to get hooked up with a local venue and have a section in your site where you offer local bands the chance to open up for bigger acts that are coming through.
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Well of course! I've been playing for quite some time so I know many of the people who run venues around here and a lot of the bigger bands in my genre personally and I'm acquaintances/friends of friends in the other bigger bands.

The local community used to flock to the old site, but now that it's down, I feel like they'd be eager to get on something new and better-looking with more features. I live in a town that's just big enough where we have a good variety but small enough that people care about this kind of thing. I'm very fortunate.
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Welllllll it's not that easy. I'm going to treat it like any other website. First, I need to figure out what goals the site will meet and then I need to define the scope of the project which includes what pages, features, and content the site will need. THEN I can start working on a design. Jumping into the design process before you know what you're trying to do can mean a big mess if you decide you need to do something later that messes it up! I want to do this thing right!
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1 - Calendar(s)
  • each local venue will have place to list the band(s) they have each night. they would be responsible to update it themselves. Links on the bandnames would take you to profiles or myspace or w/e for the band
  • each band participating would have their own calendar. showing the venues they play.
  • special events would be a separate calendar. battle of the bands, local concerts, community events, etc.

2 - Profiles
  • Each local venue would have a page where they can advertise. Pictures, a map, information about hours and facilities.
  • each band would have a page to advertise. Basically a press kit sort of thing.
  • solo musicians or musicians not yet in a band would have individual profiles
  • Related business such as music stores, booking agents, etc could advertise.

3 - Musician Ads
Bands needing a musician or musicians looking for a band.

4 - Gear Ads
Gear for sale or trade or wanted to buy.
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