so for a long time I've been thinking what gibson lp model to get
and in the process of searching, i found that sg models are generally cheaper than les pauls

is there any particular reason why??

also, how do their sounds differ in general??
I want that thick, beefy, gibson distortion sound, and I only think of les pauls when i do................. how would sg's do?
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physically les pauls are thicker and have a carved top, an SG has a pretty basic body.

I find the les paul to be beefier sounding and a lot more ballsy, the sg is sharper and smoother

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There are several reasons:

1.) Far less mahogany goes into making an SG because the body is thinner.
2.) There is no maple cap (let alone a figured maple cap) on an SG.
3.) There is far less work involved in making an SG. There is no body binding as on a Les Paul. There is no headstock binding except on the SG Custom series (and similar high-end SGs), and it is easier to mount the hardware and set it up on the flat-topped SG than on the carved-top Les Paul.

That's basically it. It isn't always the case, though. An SG Custom (usually sold as a '61 Les Paul Custom anymore) with its ebony fretboard and MOP block inlays, Les Paul Custom-style headstock and gold hardware is more expensive than several current Les Paul guitars.
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SGs generally have more treble and bite than a les paul. les pauls have a distinct fat sound, but SGs have a unique sound as well. They both have classic rock n roll tone.

A lot of your tone will depend on your amp too though, so keep that in mind.

try them both out at a store and see for yourself!

edit: i just wanted to point out that while les pauls are generally more beefy, that doesn't necessarily mean that SGs won't be fat sounding either. Just listen to tony iommi's work with black sabbath. his main guitar is an sg and he gets a huge sound
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Les Pauls have that really beefy tone to them, very full and powerfull sound coming from all the mahogany, and SG's don't have as much power behind the tone but they create a very rich, more distinct treble tone.

It's due to the shape and size, the SG's are quite thin while LP's have bulk to them.

I prefer SG's to any LP-shaped guitar. Idk why. I dig the tone SG's give off.
Because the Les Paul is the "Gibson" guitar. It's their flagship model. More people are willing to buy the real deal, so they can price it higher to get more profit
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Less demand compared to the Les Paul. I'm sure the other stuff plays a factor, but not as much.
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