My music teacher has asked me if i was interested in doing a Rockschool bass guitar exam (Grade 1 - I only started bass in Feb so give me some credit ) so i was wondering are these exams really worth the $150 NZ ?

P.S: I've already agreed to do the exam, i just want to know your opinions on these exams.

Also, any tips in preparing for the exam, of course my teacher will help me wit the ear tests and what-not, but for making the impromptu part of the test easier ( which includes ear-tests, sight reading, some scale stuff etc.).

Thanks in advance.
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Personally I'd say its worth getting grade 5 or above if you want to do anything with music in the future (most colleges will ask for at least grade 5 on your instrument with a recognised exam board) - I probably wouldn't bother with the lower grades, I'd do the work but not bother with the exam if I was planning on doing grades 5+.

There are other exam boards that are better respected than rockschool, but provided your teacher can fill in the gaps rockschool is just fine, and most of the songs are designed to be reasonbly fun to play.
There's only one other exam board for contemporary bass though, which is RGT, and I know almost nothing about that particular board.

Trinity and ABSRM (or whatever) don't do contemporary bass, only classical double bass.
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I'm sitting the Rock School grade 6 exam at the end of July. I prefer Rock School over other exam boards, because the pieces are pretty fun to play, and it actually feels you're learning something instead of just reciting loads and loads of scales and what not.
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I assume it has something to do with rating your level as a bassist.
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