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well my dream guitar is the mayones reguis pro 6.Handmade in poland and it is absolutely breathtaking(especially the back)

Funnily enough I was going to say a Mayones Regius 7, which I'll actually be getting the second my LP sells. Already put a deposit down on it so they can get working on it. Mine's going to be a direct copy of Ruud Jolie's Regius 7, but in Emerald Green and series/parallel on the bridge pickup instead of hum/split.

Hells yeah Mayones
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Funnily enough I was going to say a Mayones Regius 7, which I'll actually be getting the second my LP sells. Already put a deposit down on it so they can get working on it. Mine's going to be a direct copy of Ruud Jolie's Regius 7, but in Emerald Green and series/parallel on the bridge pickup instead of hum/split.

Hells yeah Mayones

GOOD LORD I am jealous of you!!

wow!! how much did it cost you?

hell yeah,all hail mayones

anyway..congrats and
wow... never heard of mayones. i'll have to look into them though i guess because of the high praises that i've seen on here. my dream guitar would be an original 1957 gibson les paul standard. i'll never have the money to buy it if i ever see one for sale though
My dream guitar is almost finished being built actually! ESP custom shop Tele, about 9 months into the build now, not long to the end, exciting times

Also, pics, i'll post real pics when i get them, until then the cad drawing will have to do
Caparison Angelus 22

I already have a purple one, but I want the whole family
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The Manson M1D1, i'll never get one though
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My perfect/dream guitar doesn't exist sadly.
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I'd like a PGM.
However I've not actually tried it.
but I'm with Orlok here. The one that is perfect for me has not been made yet.
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My perfect/dream guitar doesn't exist sadly.


...that's what I'm going to do this autumn.
Offset V (like the Agile Reaper) with 8 strings, natural finish (matte) + a stain, Lundgren M8 and Q-Tuner BL-5, Kahler 7328, 7+1 headstock, Maple/Walnut/Carbon neck through, figured/spalted(?) Birch horns (or some other awesome looking wood).
A headless guitar shaped similarly to a Spector ARC6, made entirely from one piece of molded graphite/composite, tinted green, phenolic fingerboard, H/H pup configuration with a volume knob, a tone knob, and a pup selector.

Or if I had to choose a production guitar, I'd be ecstatic with a BassLab
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Lately, something along the lines of this

It's a Canton Custom headless guitar with a Steinberger TransTrem. That particular guitar is hollow (about 2" deep), and as a result is suffers from feedback when at high volume. I'd want it to have a central beam (that is, have it semi-hollow) and not as deep to fix the feedback issues.

That aside, I'd love a Suhr Classic built to my specs, an original Ibanez JEM77FP or JEM77BFP or Steinberger GS or GL.
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I ain't posting pictures because I ain't got the time

But my dream guitar would be a 80's era Kramer Striker or Ibanez RG 550 in bright neon colors with a maple neck. Locking trem with a cherry on top.
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this, but in left handed version
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wow!! how much did it cost you?
I've put down £600 for them to start working on it, which also covers the custom features (namely piezo and custom controls). There's anouther £2100 to pay to actually get it.
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for me it would be a trans-black les paul custom with flamed maple top
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I do not remember what video i saw it on but..

One of paul gilberts guitars.. that guy is crazy when he chooses a new guitar.
from ultra lime green and rainbows inside to flamingo pink.

Paul Gilberts guitar swag is unbelievable.

Basically this guitar its a custom Maton Mastersound 2000 deluxe
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However, I'd do a few different things with it. First of all, it would be a seven-string model instead, with 27 stainless steel frets instead of 22 like it has in the picture(Yes, really. 27. Odd number, mmm?). I hate string-through builds, so rather, I'd have a double-locking Original Floyd Rose stuck on there, with Graphtech piezo saddles and all that fancy stuff. The knobs and switches would get moved around a bit, and I'd replace the tone knob with a killswitch, have it moved to a reachable spot like in the other Benavente I have.

Instead of Seymour Duncan pickups, I'd have the seven-string versions of the DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton in the bridge and neck, respectively. There'd be a bit of a different finish on the body. It's called 'Dragon Burst', showcased on the Carvin website. Although in the picture it's shown on quilted maple, but meh.

The neck, instead of being a set neck, would bolt-on(I hate set necks), with one of those old neck joints from like the 80s that they built into the RGs so that some of the wood was cut out to allow your hand to reach the highest frets without running into so much wood. I wouldn't do much for inlays, just some white dots or something simple like that. Oh, and for some people that are curious, some of the default specs for the guitar are:

Neck Construction: Three Piece Quarter Sawn Maple Set Neck

Neck Support: Dual Action Truss Rod with Graphite support bars

Fretboard: Rosewood

Scale: 25"

Body Wood: Black limba

Top: Inlaid exotic wood
The sunburst flying v that ibanez built paul gilbert, but with a 490 in the neck and a kahler bridge in chrome. oh, and seven string.
I can't post a picture, My dream guitar doesn't exist. That's not to say it won't because I intend to build one from scratch and I'll even wind my own pickups. I will however say it might have one of these Trem Kings on it:
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if i had to pick an existing model...
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
I Would love to Own one of these,

I think realisticly in what I can afford
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id be keen for a 7 string RR,. white. original floyd. ebony fretboard. and the input on the lower horn.
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But pinker!
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Gibson SG Supreme (BLUE only)

This thing is beautiful. I would like it even better if it had a SG Standard-style pickguard on it.

It would be possible to put a G-400/'61 Reissue pickguard on it though. That would look nice enough.
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Prolly a custom shop ESP Horizon III with some crazy decals and inlays (tastefully done of course)

This(Silvertone Apocalypse), but with a BC Rich Widow headstock, and maybe a solid white paintjob with black trim. And Dimarzio D-Activators for pickups, and white cross inlays. Not sure if I'd want a different wood because I've never played one of these and I don't know what kind of wood it is, but I'd like a maple neck if it doesn't have one.
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a custom shop ESP thats basicly along the lines of this, but a few tweeks

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this, but in left handed version

they make those in lefty uk idk in that color buuuuuuut id get in like grey and in lefty too
Jackson RR; Snow white, ebony fretboard, 24 frets, reverse headstock, blacked-out hardware, string-thru body and probably either SD Blackouts or EMG 81/60.

Pretty much a Matt Tuck Sig; but better.
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