sorry for the crappy Trogdor refrence. What kinda strings are you using on your Guitars? I use

Ibanez RG 120- Dean Markley JZ 12-54's

Jackson JS30 King V- Elixir Nanoweb 11- 52

Esp LTD F- 50- Elixir Nanoweb 10- 46 (I believe. Its been a wile)

Ibanez EX 160- Rotosounds orange. 9-46

Jackson 7 string- Elixir 11- 52 with a DR 56 for the B string.
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D'addario XL 9s... the guys at my local shop keep trying to get me to buy DRs. I used to play Dean Markleys, they weren't doing it for me.
OMG i love that song so much.
strings eh? i forget. i think boomers, 9-46.

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Ibanez Artcore AM73
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UG Rock Opera tracks
To Burninate The Peasants
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I used to use d'Addario's, tens. I recently changed to EB though, same gauge. I seem to like them better.

My LTD is now sporting EB 'Not Even Slinky', I think. They're fat, and it needs it.
I use D'addario 9's on my electrics and Fender coated 12's on my acoustics.
Ibanez PGM301
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Swing T-Through

Ibanez TS9DX
Sovtek Small Stone - c.1985
EHX Big Muff
Kimbara Wah - c.1974
Boss GE-7

Orange Rocker 30 Combo

D'addario XL 10s

Only strings I've ever used, I like them
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Ernie Ball slinkys, or rotosound 10's or DD 10's depending on the guitar. EB's on my strat though.
Bass Gear:

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Maruszczyk (custom) Jake

Ashdown CTM 100
Ernie Ball Super Slinkies.

Even on the V-coustic.
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For the last 4 years I used nothing but super slinkies but I'm making the move up to 10s on all my guitars which have regular slinkies and one with those coloured DR strings.