Alright, at last the Dutch are on to something!

We've noticed that almost everyone participating in the Dutch thread is or has been a VWO student. VWO translates best into pre-university education. It is the highest level of middle and high school education one can obtain in a public school in the Netherlands. I don't know what the schoolsystems are like where you live, but I am curious how many of you also go to a high or the highest level of schools in your country or area.

simple poll is on it's way.

Edit: allright so I ****ed up the poll somehow(wth) just reply to the thread and if there really is a need for it I'll make another thread..
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VWO here too, university now.

For the Germans, VWO is best translated as gymnasium (obviously )
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I'm (hopefully) about to graduate from my Bachelors course.

Technically I could do a Masters and a Doctorate to further my qualification. I'm not going to yet though.

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Where I live, schools aren't separated like that
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I have a BSc in Built Environment (Civil Engineering) from University of Derby.
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VWO and a BCs in Food Science and Technology

And damn it Will-Kun I want a poll!!
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Meng in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College....
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I've surpassed the highest level of school education in NZ, mind you that isn't hard. A monkey can pass NCEA. I'm now a 3rd year engineering student
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got a BEng in Mech Eng from Edinburgh Uni
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BSc Chemistry.

Going for a Masters in Natural and Synthetic Drug Design, followed by a PhD.
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In Wageningen?

A friend's brother does that too. His name is Gert-Jan I think.

No, not in Wageningen, besides I graduated in 2006 (yes I am old )
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banned cause im fine because of your avatar! it blasts happyness everytime i see it!!

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I'm currently in grade 12, which is the last year of college, when I finish i'll get my TCE, and will be able to go onto uni next year if I wish.
Uh, I'm finishing Year 12, the final year of high school, but not giving that large of a shit about my ATAR mark as I plan on trying to get into an art school, one of the ones that let you in based on seeing art you've done. That and it probably won't be a very good mark.

Is that the sort of thing you meant?
I did VWO and now I'm in the first year of my study Biomedical Sciences.
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International Master in Management in Skema Business School.


(I might come to the USA next year thanks to what is said on the front page, by the way!)

It's roughly similar to an MBA in a top US university (it lasts three years).

France has a pretty unique system in that most of the renowned degrees aren't delivered by universities, but by specialized business and engineer schools instead. Access to said schools depends on a competitive examination you're only eligible to after two years of a very intense program in dedicated classes préparatoires. Alternatively, you can go through another specific competitive examination if you didn't choose the aforementioned path, giving you direct access to the second year (Master 1). It's what I did.

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I'll have a BA in Advertising in slightly more than a year. Following that, I plan on getting my Masters.
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I have a Ba in English Language and Linguistics... well I will in a month or two anyway.

I might go on to do a MA but I'm wondering if I should limit my prospects less and do a more scientific Msc in clinical Linguistics or something.

I can't afford any more studying for now though
Starting Ba Informatica in Leiden next year.
Going to be great! I hope...
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Meng in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College....

im doin electrical and mechanical engineering at strathclyde in glasgow,

when did u graduate? and what u working as now?

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I'll have a BA in Psychology next year from UCD. There are various Masters courses I can do afterwards but I'll probably go teach somewhere for a while and do a Masters in Educational Psychology when I have the money.
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