Crafters electro-acoustic - £110 posted

Bought 3 years ago but been unused for a while now as i play mainly electric. Im great condition cosmetically but there is something wrong with the electic. Im not 100% what but when you plug it in the sound just cuts sometimes and other times it just wont work. Sounds like a problem with the jack but i havn't opened it up to look, but its something you should be aware of


Funky bass guitar - £60

Not sure how old this thing is but its old possible 60s. Its made of plywood so its really light and its got a pair of overwound singles. Im not a expert on bass tones but it seems to gives a nice warm tone. Also look awesome really funky look.



Vexter Fuzz Factory - £75
Blackstar HT-DIST - £75
VOX V847 - £40

Open to offers and trades

I'm potentially interested in the blackstar dist.

Are you looking for anything in particular in trades? xD (I also have a little bit of cash to spare if we have to balance something out)
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PM'd about the Fuzz Factory
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Quote by MuseAddict123
looking for reverb mainly or a analog delay, What have you got?


lol, neither of those things. The only decent pedal I've got that I want to sell is my MXR Fullbore Distortion. It's not really my kind of sound, and I was interested in trying others.

But I dunno if you are in the market for another dist pedal, so no worries, thanks anyway. I don't really want to spend that much money haha.
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Any idea what the scale is on the bass - it looks pretty short.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
Alright mate. I'll have the money for the bass tomorrow, £60 posted. I'll paypal you asap.

Okay. Well I will have the cash tomorrow and I will paypal it. Do you think you could post it tomorrow, we could use it for an audition on Wednesday. Thanks.
Hey man. Paypal won't let me send the money but if I do direct bank transfer I can do £55. Would that be okay?
Fuzz factory received mate. Cheers for blindingly quick postage.
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@nospacesallowed - Hey got the money, wont have time to send it today but ill get it off tomorrow with parcelforce 24 so you should have it on monday, tuesday lastest.

@KazVH100R - No probs mate, be nice if you could +1 me on the trades thread