has anybody played a blackstar series one?

I found one online locally and its been described as marshall, only "better".
it includes a cab with v30's
I wll use it mainly for metal/hardcore (not metalcore. metal/hardcore)

Does anybody have any feedback for me?

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I did.

there is feedback on the HT-5 which I dont require, and blackstar's been mentioned some times in other threads.

My question is pretty straightforward and hasn't been answered yet.
*stupid 09'er*

this space is for rent. PM me for rates
its a good amp... i dont know what else to say. go play it cause its really personal preference.
Got very good reviews in 'guitarist' magazine when it came out last summer. Go try it though
blackstars can get very marshally, primarily down to the fact the owners are former marshall engineers, but the isf feature is very good, you would need to try it first though
Just go try one out. I didn't think it was a bad setup...though it wouldn't be my first choice for what genres you're looking to play.
I have a series one 45 combo. bought it around january.
I really like it but as with everything there are many pros and cons. Heres what i think anyway.

The negatives i would say are that it does seem to take a little longer to warm up than other tube amps i have played and judging by the comments in a recent thread on here i think that seems to be a general blackstar thing. Its not a major issue or anything though and mine is getting better as i use it more often.
I dont think it has the greatest sustain, however that could be my setup as i do have quite a few boss pedals and they may be sucking my tone abit.
It doesnt have great gain on the amp for really heavy stuff i dont think but i use pedals anyway so thats not an issue for me. The crunch setting sounds good for a kind of british indie sound and the super crunch is ok for heavy distorted stuff but i always seem to get too much noise and feedback so i just use a pedal and a noise supressor.
Oh and it is one heavy amp!!

Now your probably thinking it sucks but the positives massively outweight the negatives.
The general sound is very good. The clean is sweet. I tend to use the warm channel as i think the bright is a bit too trebley for what i play but it probably depends on the guitar you use.
There are so many different sounds you can get out of it. Maybe a pain if you cant be bothered messing around but i like the fact that if i want to do different styles of music its very versatile. I have used amps where moving the tone or bass nob for example makes little to no difference and this is definitley not the case with the Blackstar. The ISF feature is cool aswell and makes a big difference to your sound.
The power reduction thing is a great idea. if you wanna use this thing at home you just turn it down to 4.5W and it still sounds class. I play lead guitar and it cuts through the mix pretty well.
And even though its a heavy amp the handles on the side are so bloody helpfull. its miles easier to carry than other amps i have had or that my mates have even though its heavier. You dont actually appreciate stuff like that untill you have to cart stuff up and down stairs and to gigs.

Overall i am really happy with mine now. was a bit unsure at first but i think it was just because i had spent 800quid. The more i use it the more i love it.