ok, im on a budget of around £200, whats the best guitar i can get for this much?
I vote Epiphone: Hummingbird.

That's what guitar I want anyway, I'm just skint atm
Just try a few guitars at a guitarshop and see what suits/sounds you best.
I'm not exactly sure how much 200pounds is in american dollars, but the ibanz v series acoustic is $200 and it's quality guitar for the price
the best guitar on a budget is the yamaha fg700. solid top, gloss finish, good quality hardware, very well made. if you look around, you can probably find it at your price, although you may have to haggle, but it's worth it. the ibanez v series dread is not a solid top, nor are most guitars in this price range.

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ok, im on a budget of around £200, whats the best guitar i can get for this much?

Here is a UK source for the Yamaha that Patticacke suggested

Yamaha 700MS

If I were you and in the UK (which I am) I would be spending my £200 on a Tanglewood.

I would also be buying it secondhand if possible to make the most of what I were spending.

Don't buy a Dean, yes they look nice...they are crap.

You can buy some very nice Tanglewoods and Takamine's on ebay secondhand.

Eagle Music, probably the best place to get a new Guitar.

If you can make it £230 to £250, you can buy a nice guitar.

Or if you or someone you know can go for Credit...wait for it.
The Arts Council, subsidises a scheme called "Take It Away" ONLY for musical instruments. It gives you 9 months interest free and you put a deposit down of 10% minimum.

If you can do that, you can buy a VERY nice ALL SOLID guitar by Faith, also on Eaglemusic but available in several places. Look at the Venus in the Eclipse Series (all Black, all solid, hard case £450) So that would be £200 down and £27 a month for 9 months...0% interest.

This is a Faith Venus High Gloss, as an example...check Faiths website.

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