Hi guys,

Which tele do you think is best? the american standard or american special, I'm going to buy one, not sure which

I know the american standard is a couple of hundred pounds more than the special, but is the extra money in this case worth it? Surely the difference between the two can't be that much.....

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Wrong forum. Head over to Electric Guitar. In the meantime, check out the specifications for both and see which you like better. I'm actually partial to the special but it's really just a matter of opinion. Unless the wood is different any tele can be upgraded to sound pretty much just like any other tele. The key here is the bridge. I'm not sure which but one of them has brass saddles while the other has standard ones. The brass ones make it harder to intone because instead of having one saddle per string they have 2 strings per saddle.
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Wtf? Why is the special one is less costly than the standard one.
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