Hello everyone, I'm going to be buying a guitar to learn to play on (I've never played before), and so far I have 3 options of guitars. I'll be buying used from CraigsList, and I can get all of the guitars for similar prices. They all seem to be in good condition as well, so which should I pick? Here are the guitars:

1. Yamaha F-310 Guitar

2. Samick Greg Bennet D-1

3. Lyon by Washburn(this would be the easiest for me to get)

Which guitar is the best, and the best to learn on? Thanks alot.
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Ehhh, the Lyons aren't that great, my had some issues. The Samick I occasionally play is pretty nice, I would probably pick that. I don't have much experience with yamaha, my friend had one as a starter for a little while it was ok as far as I knew. From my knowledge of playing them, I would go for the Samick.
yamahas make really good entry level guitars. nato, the top wood on the greg bennett, isn't the best sounding wood around, and you'll notice only budget guitars use it at all. spruce is the wood that most guitars use, and that's what the yamaha has. it does have a nato neck, but the top is where 75% of the sound is from.

as far as best to learn on, you can learn just as easily on any guitar with a decent setup and quality hardware. to me, when it comes to budget guitars, yamaha is the best brand i know, and i've played a lot of them.