I had my little G-400 for 2.5 years, but then i felt I need a guitar upgrade and i bought... a schecter blackjack, and week later i bought esp eclipse, and now i just bought something else.

I bet it's not ok to buy 3 guitars in 1 month period, but I can't help it...

Anyway, NGD thread soon to be posted ;p
Yes, it's called GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), everyone experiences it.
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Well, if you can easily afford them, then I don't see why not.

And what is "something else"?
Go for it as long as you can play and have money to spare... But if you're getting all these new guitars in the hope it'll make you a better player then try and restrict yourself haha
no, it's just i really like them, the way they feel, look and play, and this keeps me very motivated to continue to improve myself..

and "something else" i'll post pics in few days it's so gorgeous
Buy as many as you can afford.

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I feel like you do. I could easily buy a guitar every other week if I could afford to do so. Lets face it, you LOVE guitars!!!

So do I.

I'd buy more amps and pedals every day if I could.
I have GAS. It's a normal thing for a guitarist to have.

As long as you can afford it while still being able to pay monthly expenses, why not?
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Yes, it's called GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), everyone experiences it.

its not necessarily good for your wallet, but yes, we all go through it
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Most I've done is four guitars an two amps in one week. So... eh. Three guitars in a month? Normal as far as I care.
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i'd buy multiple guitars or amps or any other gear a day damn i drool all day about gear
now thats why i consider my GAS real bad xD

**** the damn minimum wages..