Don't worry, this isn't a "how i mine for fish mute strings" thread, lol. My problem is this: I have a part of a solo in a song that I wrote that's purely hammer on's and pull off's (except for the first note, which I pick) 120bpm and 16th notes (I think):

C 0 7 5 0 7 8 0 7 5 0 7 8 10 8 7 8 0 7 5 0 7 8 0 7 5 0 2 3 5 3 2 3 (repeat)

And the only way I got it to play clearly was by awkwardly muting the other five strings with my right hand, hah. This was obviously weird to do and I can't do it on the fly . My friend suggested putting a small cloth on the other strings behind the nut, which he said does some work towards muting the other strings. Any help guys?

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im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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by putting a cloth on the other strings the C wont sound . Try to mute only the G and the F doesnt that work? normally when i do this kind of lick i dont have all the strings sounding, only the closest ones.

LE and since ur pullin of and hammering on, use ur index and middle finger to mute the G and the F strings, or whatever combination suits u better
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The 2 low strings should be muted with the right hand at the bridge and the 3 high strings with the left hand which performing the hammers and pulls. For something as simple as this the cloth thing is just a crutch.
For long legato phrases like that, I tend to rest the butt of my hand against the low strings that I'm not using, and use the fat part of my index finger to mute the high strings I'm not using.
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Use your palm to mute the lower strings and your fretting hand should kinda mute the higher strings. also make sure that you have good accuracy as well.
Hope this helps
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You palm mute everything lower and try and keep your first finger flat enough to mute the higher ones. Good luck with that.

Who said anything about a finger?
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Who said anything about a finger?

most people play with them. the fretting hand isn't much of a fretting hand if it's a stump.

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most people play with them. the fretting hand isn't much of a fretting hand if it's a stump.