make fun all you want but i'm a huge fan of coheed and cambria, and i'm in the beginning stages of looking at a new guitar, and i was just wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with the Minarik Medusa?
they are very cleverly designed, but that is all i can say about them, the shapes are a bit extreme IMO but from what others have said they are meant to be pretty good.

i hope somebody else can help a bit more.

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I don't think you're going to find many people who have hands-on experience with Minarik guitars; particularly something as elaborate as the Medusa. I've seen only one Minarik in a shop, and it was in a locked glass case. They are works of art, made with fine materials to extremely high standards. Their exotic shapes - the Medusa being one of them - make them almost unplayable. And they cost so much that you are probably better off hanging them on the wall and appreciating them for their craftsmanship and wild looks.

But if you have to have one, get ready to write a big check.
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