This is the end, the final conclusion to Emily's nightmare, the forth peice in this ****ed up fairy tale.

The creature scared Emily stiff; her body was a frozen icicle. The entire monster still could not be seen in the darkness. All that was seen was its glowing eye’s, and parts of its giant metal arms. The face was also visible now; it’s spider like face baked into Emily’s fear. The long arms of the creature began to stretch toward Emily.
“EMILY, EMILY; I’m here!” A voice penetrated from the giant machine that glared down at this poor girl “I’m here EMILY!”
Emily could not say a thing, her voice was dry, and it hurt to breathe. The voice of the beast sounded familiar, it had human similarities, but distorted into a monstrous metallic tune.
The little girl’s heart was almost bursting out of her chest as she watched more hands appear from the darkness, and crept toward her “Don’t you want to play? “
The voice then became obvious to Emily; it was the voice of her sister, Sophia, but why?
The eight-year-old covered her eyes, and fell to her side against the hard floor, “I don’t want to see this” she cried to herself.
The metal creature proceeded to talk to her “Open your eye’s Emily”
“I can’t!” Emily shouted back
“Open your eyes Emily” The beast commanded with more frustration.
Emily hollered even louder than last time “I can’t!”
The machine commanded with such rage, that it scared Emily into opening her eyes, and looking straight at it. What she seen felt her with terrifying regret.
She tried to scream, but nothing came out; Emily’s voice was even locked away with horror. There was a dead body operating the Robot, and Emily could now see who it was. It was the body of an eight-year-old girl, and that eight-year-old girl was-
“Me?” Emily quietly said fearfully. This went against all logic; how was she in there? However what scared her the most was that in that robot she was dead.
Her dead body seemed to laugh at her as it laid limb against the interior of the robot.
“Time to play Emily”
Water began to drip from Emily’s eyes; Emily’s head hurt, and she felt like she was going to pass out.
“Time to play” Emily’s dead body muttered again in a lustily fashion.
Emily, get up, run!
But it was too late. Right when her inner voice replied, the creature’s red glaring eyes’ shut off, and everything was black.

The sound of metal scrapping against each other was screeching in Emily’s ears, and then stopped.
Emily was horrified; she didn’t know what was going on.
Emily, ru-
All of a sudden, a rush of pain struck through Emily’s chest, and she felt her entire body get wet.
She gasped for air, but her own blood was gagging her. Another rush of pain followed quickly after, and then another. The little girl’s nerves fell silent, as her body went numb from the lose of blood.
The pain stopped, and the red eyes came back for a final look at Emily. The Last thing Emily seen was her own dead body grinning at her, with its deformed teeth and oh how she hateed those teeth, she hated those teeth with a great passion.
the creature glared at her with a smile that could drive yo insane, "SING EMILY SING!"
“Mommy, Help me; Hel--“

“Pleasure doing business with you”
“This won’t hurt her will it?”
“Know not at all, it’s quick and painless”
“Okay thank you sir”
“Not a problem miss, not a problem at all”
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa
is this a story??
Gonna make the mountains be my home....

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Yes, it's the final part to a story that i've been posting on here.
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa