So I recently bought a Digidesign MBox 2, and have Pro Tools 8 LE. I wan to record with my wah pedal, but when I hook the wah up between the guitr and interface, I get no sound. How can I set it up to be able to record using the wah pedal?
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From what I know, you can't just DI an analog effect pedal like that.

If you have an amp, get a mic and mic it up.
If you have a direct out, (not a speaker out) you can run the record/direct out line to a set of line ins on the interface.

Edit, I should clarify that original statement, I'm aware you can DI analog effects like distortions and delays but I have never tried or seen anyone do the same with a wah pedal....doesnt an effect like that rely on the gain of the guitar cab amp?
I guess some instrument input ports on the interfaces would do the same but I've never seen it done nor do I have an analog wah to try it for myself.
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^ is there any reason why you cant/shouldnt run a pedal into an interface? i do it all the time. heck, just to make sure it works, im doing it right now.

GTB, check the battery in the wah. ive never run a wah straight into my interface, but ive used delay, phaser, fuzz and overdrive before. i dont think it should be an issue.