I was wondering if anyone had this tab? Or a site that has it, i cant seem too find one... we are doing the song for a gig and i love the solo flea does in it, would be pretty cool to play but i cant seem to find it tabbed on any sites...

Basicly i just want to learn the solo but i cant find it tabbed anywhere...
I tried posting this in the tabs section but i didnt get any replies... thought ide try here
Is that the ending jam bit?

Or the solo during the song itself?
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why not like... take your own solo?

its 4 bars. you can't find a tab for 4 bars of fills.

why not be like, a musician, and. take your own solo?
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I can make up my own solo... i just like that one in particular... and i cant seem to get one that souns like it... My theory work isnt amazing, i know scales, and i know enough to right songs and solos, but not to the point where i can get the general jist of what he is playing.
Bt if im honest im probable better of doing my own
Just rock out with your c0ck out and make up a solo. My band did it and I suddenly became a star becuase I can solo.

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I know this thread is old, but I need help. Im an intermediate bass Player and I can't write a solo fOr this song. If someone could email tabs for this, it would be awesome
There aren't tabs for most of Flea's live stuff; he plays every song different every single time, so the tabs would fill the entire interwebz.