I recently returned my ESP LTD EC-401....it had some issues and overall I just wasnt happy with it. So, I'm back looking for a new guitar for Drop C/D standard. The new guitar world magazine had an ad for Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Special. It fixes everything I dislike about current hellraiser, it has black flame maple, better looking inlays IMO, otherwise is the same as a hellraiser C-1. I do want, but I cannot find any information on this guitar other than this one website that claims it will be available 7-15. Has anyone else heard or read anything about these guitars? Schecters website doesnt even have anything. What do you guys think?

I had a C-1 FR for awhile, but hated the floyd. I really did like everything else about the guitar except for color and inlays, so this might be exactly what I'm looking for. (I can't find the picture of the black flame maple one that was in guitar world).

I would say to go for it. I've heard nothing but good things about Schecters.
Even though you prolly already know this, make sure you play it before you like it so you can be sure that you'll want it.
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looks good, just doesnt seem to have the push-pull pots and special emgs like my hellraiser but to be honest i really dont use that feature, i love my hellraiser im sure youll like yours too.. the only thing i can say is to get some thick strings for drop tuning, the shecter seems funny with string tension
I used hybrids on the ESP I had, but the 24.75 scale was just too short. I had the same hybrids on my FR Schecter and they worked well, so I'll probably either use those or 12's. I guess now I just have to wait for this thing to come out!!
Hey, I was wondering the same thing! Will wait for a reviews to come out, but why have you returned your ec-401? I can't made up my mind between the two so your insight will be much appreciated. Thanks
Wow, good timing Kickstart! I havent been on the site in awhile and saw this thread after checking for the first time in a month give or take.

Quality wise, the EC-401 didnt feel up to par to me, and in particular the one I got (from online) had a buzzing issue near the nut that drove me...well....nuts. It wasnt fret buzz, tuner buzz or even truss rod buzz. So I was going to return the guitar for that reason, but the main reason was I didnt end up liking the neck as much as I thought I would when I tried one in the store (Different color one...thats the reason I ordered online, to get the flame maple). I have a Gibson Les Paul and compared to my Gibson, the LTD neck was just too thin for my tastes. I like em baseball bat thick. The shorter scale also didnt go over too well with drop tuning and I really didnt want to put 13's on the guitar just to tune to drop C without muddy tone.

I ended up getting a Schecter Blackjack ATX and couldnt be happier. The Hellraiser special still looks nice to me but I didnt want to wait, and wanted to try something different than EMG's. The blackjack has a nice meaty neck, and the Blackout pickups are amazing. Highly recommended.

Here is a memory picture of my returned LTD, and one of its replacement ; )

I love Schecter necks, and I'd almost like the ATX's more if they didn't have the "Active" lightning bolt on the 12th fret. And the binding is kinda "meh."

But hey, overall they're pretty BA guitars.
^I thought the EXACT same thing r0ck...in fact the lightning bolt and binding nearly prevented me from buying this guitar, and I couldnt find one in the stores to see in person. However, I assure you, in person it looks MUUUUUUCH better than any picture can justify. In fact, the looks of the guitar immediately struck me when I opened the box and is honestly one of my favorite parts about the guitar now that I own it.
They're cool guitars... but I'd rather just not have an inlay over that Active inlay. Same goes for the Epiphone Prophecy series... cool guitars, UGLY inlays.

I've seen a few different ones... the Solo-6 in aged white, and the C-1 in both colors. I love LP shapes, but the Solo-6 didn't look right to me with this scheme going on.

How's that neck? Pretty wide and chunky toward the first fret and round and flat-ish at the same time toward the top?

I love Schecter necks. OM NOM NOM!
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How's that neck? Pretty wide and chunky toward the first fret and round and flat-ish at the same time toward the top?

I love Schecter necks. OM NOM NOM!

You got it. Its even beefier than the neck on the Hellraiser C-1FR I had. Just an absolutely perfect neck. I dare say its perfect. My LP although I love it to death, I at least acknowledge that its not the fastest neck because its so ridiculously thick. The Schecter is like the perfect combination of thick enough to satisfy my LP cravings, but fast enough to easily be a shred guitar. God I can't wait to get done with work travel and play it........
I like how beefy Schecters are at the low-end. It has to be the most comfortable neck profile ever next to the Gibson Rounded '59. I love how wide and round while still seeming really flat they are at the high-end too. It's not just a board, it has some depth and volume to it. I like my Dean's neck, but it's almost too thin for anything but light chords and shred.

Schecter neck's are almost exactly like my Dean's, but thicker.
oh wow, the new hellraiser looks great - missing the coil taps though...which often provides the clean tone that it often is dismissed for.
Congrats on the new guitar, love the vinage white look!
Thanks for the info, arrrgghh I still cannot decide!!! Love the 401vf(the one with the duncans), but pay a 100$ more for a inferior quality instrument?! That is compared to the c1 standard, which i really like kind of simple and solid, no fancy inlays