got my new guitar today (epi pl ultra II) but the strings buzz realllllly bad on every string from frets 1 to 7. open strings are finr and so are frets 8 to 22. help?
if you just got the guitar today, you should take it to get properly set up by a professional. the problem will either either be fixed by the set up, or he'll be able to tell you what's actually wrong with it.

the best thing you can do with a new guitar is get a professional set up.
If your frets are buzzing on the lower frets then it can mean the truss rod needs adjusting. It's usually the bridge that needs adjusting for the higher frets. Not always though. Look down the length of the neck and ideally the neck should curve slightly outwards from frets 7 to the nut. If it's too straight then the truss rod needs adjusting. Got to be careful with this tho - small adjustments only every 24 hrs. Check up online before trying this
If it doesn't buzz from 8-22 or open but it does on 1-7 then it's most likely that you're 8th fret has popped up slightly. This can be sorted by a fret dress or you could raise the bridge but that isn't guaranteed to work plus you'll be rasing the action. Best bet is like the other guys said take it to a guitar tech and they'll sort it for you. Hope that helps & congrats on the guitar, they're nice.
Or like Coda said it could be your truss rod. Either way take it to a pro they'll be able to tell. One thing that'll tell you if it's the truss rod is if you put it on your knee hit all the strings without fretting them, then put one of your left fingers on the headstock and pull it back. If all the stringss start rattling with you putting not much pressure on then it's your truss rod. Remember though not too much pressure.
Look down the neck, see if it's bent if it is it's the Truss rod, take it to a professional or do it yourself with an Allen wrench. If the neck is straight it'll be the bridge, try raising it slightly untill it stops buzzing, or the buzzing isn't as bad, if you play through an amp most of the time a little bit of fret buzz isn't that bad.
If you have just bought it and its buzzing, I would suggest that you go back to the store you bought it at and ask them to fix it. You have the right to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

ask in the setup sticky. jenny will sort you out.
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It also could be the crappy factory strings, and the action is a bit too low. Try changing the strings and raising the action a touch (like 2 or 3 millimeters to start) and check back with us.
Too much relief in your neck.
JJ1565 (Jenny) has some info on how to check and verify this.
Moving on.....
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got my new guitar today (epi pl ultra II) but the strings buzz realllllly bad on every string from frets 1 to 7. open strings are finr and so are frets 8 to 22. help?

is the buzz transmitting thru the amp?

did you pick this guitar up at a store, or online?

when you're ready, answer those questions and we can check the neck's relief.

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