Band practise later tonight, stupidly I knocked my pitchblack and it pressed the "Calibrate" switch.

Any idea what it's meant to be on for guitar?
Alright, thanks

I detect a bit of sarcasm? I didn't know, I asked. No need for an attitude.
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2 While the current calibration setting is shown in the note name display, press
the CALIB button again to adjust the setting.
Each time you press the CALIB button you will cycle through the following
0: 440 Hz, 1: 441 Hz, 2: 442 Hz, 3: 443 Hz, 4: 444 Hz, 5: 445 Hz, 6: 436 Hz, 7: 437
Hz, 8: 438 Hz, 9: 439 Hz

from the manual
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you want 0. according to the manual

0: 440
1: 441
2: 442 etc


Ok, thanks. I always missplace my manual -.-
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Most of the time you can find the manual online on the website of the manufacturer


Thanks man. I did a quick check on Korg, probably rushed it though.