something with high gain pickups, ebony or rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets preferably, floyd rose or kahler. something to replace my xiphos. high end rgs, razorbacks or MLs, agile interceptor, jackson r5/rr24, ltd jh-600, bc rich asm pro, all come to mind. if you have anything, email me at pressuredroppa@gmail.com or text 215 491 4687 with what you have. dont want to spend over 700. do not call me. thanks
I have a Dean ML with an original Floyd in it...im selling it for 700...the only problem is im in florida...but I am willing to ship it
i have a dean razorback 255 V for sale. it's the razorback with 24 frets emgs and orginal floyd rose. 700 shipped.
I have a Jackson RR24, white, american. It also has an emg afterburner installed so you can really get some high gain from it. Only issue cosmetically is a very small chip on the very tip of the larger fin. If you are interested let me know.
i have a Jackson DKMGT, Jackson DXMG, Washburn Dime V, and a few other guitars for sale in this thread


let me know if you are interested.
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Bc rich jr v deluxe with active emgs and floyd rose for $650 shipped
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oh and if you want a dean razorback v255 in absolute mint condition with hard case there is one on ebay no one has bid on it, and the starting bid is only at $400!!!!!! you can get it at its real selling price and not some bogus $700 bucks deal, lmao.
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