Hey guys,

I just made my first song using the UG VST guide and a DFH, I'm still lacking a bass, but I have one on the way. The distortion still has a lot of work to be done but the VST thread really helped me with that (the other one was even worse).

at any rate I'd really like some feedback on it, I uploaded it here:

any kind of feedback is appreciated

Thought it was good, not my favourite genre but I enjoyed it.
Your guitar tone was very good and I'm already searching for that DFH :P
I very much liked the riffs you used. Very nice. Clean playing too. Your tone isn't bad to be quite honest. The drums could go down a bit in the mix but that's a very minor problem. The song doesn't get repetitive at all, which is good because most guitar instrumentals like that tend to use the same riffs over and over and over. Good job though man I liked it.

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