im going to sweden for a year, leaving in 2 months. i am debating if i should bring my guitar with me..

my current one is a art & lutherie cedar top, which i got for bout $270, i heard horror stories of the abuse that luggage go through on flights. so i know i need a hard case. however i was told that if i get a cheap hardcase ~50 bucks, its gonna break.

if i buy a good case... its gonna be like 100..150 bucks.. im not sure if i should spend the money...

i checked out the guitar shop in sweden(online, most cheap guitar cost bout ~300 euro) and i have yet to find a place to buy used guitar.

so if i buy a guitar overseas, and if i am not able to sell it before i leave... ill have 2 low end acoustic guitar.

i also wanna travel after my study next may, which is a con if i bring my own guitar.. since i have to lug it over everwhere.

so what the best course of action for me to take?
I'd say get a good case it will always be useful.
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recommandations for a good portable traveling case that can take the abuse of luggage centre at the ariports?
It's not the prolonged flight that's the problem, it's hitting the ground at the end.

Seriously though, a good ATA rated case is a great thing to have. A lot of airlines will let you carry your guitar on instead of checking it, which is way safer. Try that every time, and if they absolutely make you check it, be glad you have a good case.
Buy a guitar there. At the rate the euro is plummeting you'll get a bargain.
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and that's it. done buying stuff. probably.
I'd spend the money and get a good case, it'll last a lifetime.

P.S. I once seen a baggage handler open the door and throw some dudes bass out onto the floor. Luckily it was in a hard case.
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Quote by finetune
Buy a guitar there. At the rate the euro is plummeting you'll get a bargain.

swedens currency is the krona!
i bought a epi les paul and an epiphone les paul hard case. cost me 80 bucks and seems very sturdy. 4-5 latches and a lock.

i fly to college and even on regional flights it fits overhead. get a SMALL case. a les paul hard case is as big as you want to go.

DO NOT CHECK IT. you will have to fight the flight attendands. i cannot garantee it will fit on all planes, but since yours is HUGE (international) it should fit with room to spair. on regionals i take up a full compartment. on larger flights to charleston, it is NOT EVEN CLOSE. ie - i put the case in and slide it back, and i cant even see it anymore. you could fit 4-5 of my guitars in one overhead on a medium sized jet.

the first time i was nervous, but i fly the same flights with the same planes. so they try to check my bags and i politely say ive done this before and they fit. they assure me i can get my guitar at teh gate when i land and i just ask "well, can i atleast try to fit it?"

they always say yes. it has never not fit for me. they seem strict on regulations, but they hate hasstles with musical instruments, and people with them treat them like human children. so nobody knows what to do. the best thing you can do is look out for you, and do everything to make sure your guitar is safe.