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4 36%
7 64%
Voters: 11.
I want to buy new pickups for an 8-string and I'm hesitating between two options.

First, the blackouts. I love the way they sound on my 6-string guitar and I know I can get a good tone with them.

My other choice would be Bareknuckle pickups. Lots of people praise them and say they're the best pickups ever.

So what do you think I should do?
Get the blackouts and be sure to get a tone I like or take a chance with the bareknuckles and maybe find the ultimate tone I've always been dreaming of (or a tone I don't like that much)???

EDIT: And could you explain why exactly you would chose one over the other?
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Oh and which Bareknuckle exactly should I go for? There are so many models
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amazing...you sir deserve a lol stack

Lungdren (or how you pronounce it) pickups apparently are good
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