I need help on this chord progression asap.

Am-C-Em whats the best chord combination for a second part for this song to end it again on Am-C-Em?
Wich scales besides Am Pentatonic to use help me in this one guys
Well, if you went Am-C-D, or Am-Em-D, then you could get a more exotic sound form it, you could run A harmonic minor (natural minor with a raised 7th), or if you want really crazy, you could center the second half around Em, and use like Em-D-a- C, and you could use a phrygian dominant mode which would show off the exoticism of harmonic minor. You could also use dm instead of major if you want more of a Renaissancey sound, then use natural minor over it. If you want t to sound like a cheasy pop song you would go to C-F-Am-G for your second part, and then play in C major