Hi everyone!

It turns up I'm attending a clinic/workshop given by prominent jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, here in Uruguay. Can somebody come up with some questions tha would be cool to ask him? Guitar/Music oriented questions, that mainly is.

If someone's interested enough I'll post what he replied to the question

Edit: Any difference between a clinic and a workshop?
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I think a clinic is where the speaker(s) just talks about how they play and what not whereas a workshop the artist(s) select a few students and work with them for a little bit while still talking to the audience.
Ask him how he approaches improv and how to improve your improv. Also, how to shift from a blues oriented improv to a more Jazz based style. Personally, I use the minor pentatonic a lot and have just started breaking out of it to the relative major etc. Would be interesting to know how these guys go about it.
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Those are two pretty good questions hitman. And thanks for the info Phat Stud, in this case they promote it as a workshop.

Borrowed a camera for tomorrow, hope he allows filming