Just got my taxes back finally thinking of picking up a peavey 6505+ 112 combo mainly going to be used in my home, is it too much power for this?
Its my house so no one to really bother, but id also be using it at low volumes sometimes when my wife and son are home.
So what do u guys think?
Should work fine...it's got a master volume control so you can still get preamp distortion...without making your ears bleed. I play my XXX without disturbing my wife.
It works well at relatively low volumes for me. But it does sound a lot better once you turn it up obviously.
Im not but 15 and bug the crap out of my mom b/c i play with it so loud in my bedroom but thats just to annoy her. However i have had the amp at a very low volume and still works great for the size of my bedroom. Thats the beuty of the amp b/c you can gig with it or use it for just practice in your bedroom or house.
I liked this amp better at low volume than high when I owned it. A terrific low volume amplifier.