My brother is using Jackson Dinky DK2m, and he's got TB-4 (bridge) and SH2n (neck) Jazz pickups.

The guitar is equipped with a low profile jackson licensed floyd rose.

Pretty much he wants to install some DiMarzio Evolutions in his guitar (bridge & neck), he's a shredder and he plays mostly lead.

The question is: Should he buy F-spaced pickups or normal ones?

Speaking of Dimarzio evolution, has anyone tried them? any opinions?

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Both will work, but F-Spaced means Fender/Floyd spaced (spaced for a Fender/Floyd Rose string spread), so I'd go with the F-spaced if you want the pole pieces to line up with the bridge and a Jackson Dinky with a Floyd Rose.
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Thanks man, your help was really appreciated.

Any opinions about Dimarzio Evolution? are they as good as they say?
I would get F-spaced. They're made to actually line up perfectly with the strings on Floyds/Fenders.
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Any opinions about Dimarzio Evolution? are they as good as they say?

They're good if you're good. Honestly, any little mistake and it will be heard.

The Evolution bridge is very hot, and very clear. I thought it sounded pretty harsh through solid state amplifiers, and it can be a bit much through an amp with a very bright voicing. Through something a little more ballsy, it sounds great.

The Evolution neck is again hot and clear, but quite a bit warmer. I like the neck pickup quite alot.

I might try the Evo2 in the bridge soon myself, it's not as hot and not as trebley.

They're not really "metal" pickups, if that's an issue for him. Vai's Alien Love Secrets album is an excellent reference for the tone, Die to Live, The Boy From Seattle and Tender Surrender pretty much sum up the Evo sound.
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