I had a Crybaby 95Q (the same as the regular wha but it had a boost and a spring on/off system).

I hate crybabys. they suck. why? well, they suck tone, they have a horrible sweep (when you use a OD / amp distorcion, the wha acts like a broken radio, bringing the treble up and cutting all the bass, that results in a thin tone... i know what a wha should do, but it gives a lot of "hiss" and a very ugly fuzz tone.

is there any wha pedal that is good enough to have a sweep with no hiss and fuzz, preserves the tone when engaged? the cleans are OK, but when i play with my OD pedal (BB preamp) or the drive from the amp (VOXac30), it acts like that...

budget: 150€ more less...
Every wah sounds different and I don't know what you want it to sound like (modern/vintage?), so you should try as many different wah pedals as possible, e.g. Morley, Vox, Ibanez...
i know, not in the mood to correct that :X

hum, i will check that out!!
I'm a fan of Morley wah pedals, and i never liked Dunlop's Crybabies.

What you described sounds about right to me -- that's a Crybaby alright.
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cheking out the fulltone clyde tomorrow!!!
dunlop kh95, its true bypass, sounds great with distortion
love mine
try one for yourself
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Nothing beats a Teese IMO. I owned a Fulltone before I got the Teese and I much prefer the sweetness and tunable tone of the Teese.
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If you don't want a Crybaby, check out Morley and Ibanez. Maybe the Budda Budwah. If you're willing to spend, check out Teese RMC wahs.
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hmmm wahs are tricky, ive used the dunlops for years now and love theyre tone, they do what a wah is supposed too, i never liked the vox ones they were just too weak for my tastes, the morley wahs are simply amazing how theyre set up and the sound is much more aggresive on the mids which i love
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