ok so i didn't see one so here it is post what you're looking for, and obviously only post if your a new jersey musician looking for other new jersey musicians got it?
ok so I'm a 17 year old guitarist looking for a bass player, rhythm guitarist, drummer, and singer to start an original hard rock band, looking for people in my same age range who are influenced by: Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC
Im going on 15 I play either rhythm guitar or lead. Im influenced by Metallica, Ac/Dc, Iced Earth, and other metal/rock bands. Im really creative and Im really interested in starting a band. I live in New Jersey, Bergen county, If we are far apart I will be willing to travel when i get older =P.
im a screamer/growler. my influences are slipknot, children of bodom, cannibal corpse, system of a down and bullet for my valentine
I'm gonna be 15 and I play guitar, and can do backup screams and gutterals. I've been playing for nearly 3 years and i'm a fairly fast learner. my influences are veil of maya, after the burial, born of osiris, ect. i'm in wantage, in sussex county. hit me up of myspace or face book.

devin post on facebook.

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