Hey there,

Been playing guitar for about 3 years, used mainly Line 6 Modeling stuff (Have Floor Pod, also Guitar Port). But 2 days ago decided to buy a Peavey Vypyr 30. I would love to buy a nice Tube Head and some Cabs and run pedals and such, but, I don't have that kind of money, or space, or the freedom to crank the volume up.

Anyway, i've got a couple tones I've dialed in, and like, but occasionally I get a lot of noise, like when I turn up the highs, or add a Tube Screamer stompbox. I've checked and theres no noise gate dial on the amp, and from what I've found out, it's got a built in gate that hits at a certain db level.

What I'd like to know is... (And please, I know my knowledge of Amps/Pedals and Guitars is pretty much, limited to be able to have fun playing it (Which is what I do it for, I don't gig or anything, just play songs/record some random stuff)).

Can I run a noise gate through a Combo Modelling amp such as my Peavy Vypyr 30, and if I can, will have the desired effect?

As I mentioned, I've only really used Line 6 stuff, and there's been a noise gate on that. I've done a bit of searching on UG forms and I couldn't find anything for what I wanted, and I've also searched google a lot.

Also, if anyone can recommend a reletively cheap noise gate, if what I'm asking is viable, and would work. (And as I've seen many people ask, I mainly play Metal stuff (All kinds), though I do play some clean stuff. I also use diMarzio D-Activators, and right now I'm in Drop C.

Thanks in advance for any input.
I have a vypyr and the main thing you need to do is if you can get at least a sanpera I, it is invaluable. Then you can turn volume up on the amp and turn the volume pedal down, thus getting rid of the problem. Then you also get a wah, pitch shifter and looper, so its win win win win.
Ah awesome, I've actually got the Sanpera 2 pedal on order, need to wait for Peavey to ship it to the store though, so have to wait till the end of the month.

Thanks for the input!
I think they updated the firmware to make the noise gate a little better. I've got an original un-updateable Vypyr 15 and the noise gate is a pain when you turn in the TS.