Who buys food online? Not like pizza and have it deliverd.

What do you get?
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Nobody buys food online except for World of Warcraft addicts and that guy under house arrest...
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thinkgeek.com has a ton of energy drinks, if drinks fall under this category. Also, sites like rockstar69.com and drinknos.com are cool
I buy hookers online and eat them
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I don't trust it any more. Regardless of how awesome a £20 steak was I didn't really want and couldn't really afford one. Fuck you Sainsburys
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My parents order their shopping online from Tesco, but that's about as close as I could to think to what you're suggesting. I'm fairly sure a phone or a walk outside could handle most people's needs.
I order japanese foods online since I can't get one of those in my town. (England)
Some soups and noodles and japanese wines