I play guitar in a metal band, but I'm also interested in picking up a budget bass good for sublime type music, anyone have any suggestions?
You can't go wrong with a Fender bass, they're pretty standard for modern contemporary music.
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fender jazz, fender p bass, you really can't go wrong with fender. they are good for literally everything.
i'd go P over J in this instance. eric used a J bass on 40 oz to freedom and i think his tone is ... eh ...
yeah i would go for either a P bass or a jazz bass. but to be honest almost any bass will do for this kind of music
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agreed pretty much any bass is good, its the TONE that makes this type of music different, very low-end heavy, not so much midrange on your amps EQ, you are not going for that punk "twangyness" you want the bass tight and punchy.
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