Hi everybody, I just recorded a song that I wrote a little while ago. I put it up on the tab forum when it was in GP5 and I just got the finished copy. I recorded it using my Agile 7 string and I used EZDrummer for the drums. I know they could be louder but I had someone else record it D:. Anyway, if you'd like, check it out and tell me what you think! I would love any feedback.

Thank you!

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Not bad. The first 1:30 seconds (to me) was to random and without chord structure for too long. The strange or no structure and time changes makes it hard to keep a good beat in your head. After that was good. Definitely an interesting song
agree that the beginning doesn't make musical sense. i liked the tune but what ever tuning you used and the resulting guitar tone didn't do it for me. very sludgy sounding. your leads were different from the usual which was a nice change of pace. te guitar does drown out the other instruments at times which probably should be fixed.

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