ok..so this looks like the right part of the forum..(i hope)
so..i need help with soloing and improvising..i improvise sometimes with guitar, no backing track or anything, but i don't know any scales or anything, i just take pieces of solos i know and take it sideways.

can someone recommend me some useful scales to start with to improve my technique, but not only that, i want to know what scales fit in with what chord progression, the reason according to theory for WHY they fit in, and how to figure it out myself.

some theory on these lines..that way i can improve my soloing and improvising technique...

thanking anybody in advance.
Well your basic scale would be the Major and Minor Pentatonics. The usually fit over chord progressions that are in the same key. So if your playing a chord progression in A minor, Play a solo in A minor pentatonic. Thats the basic stuff. if you really want to get into it i suggested learning your modes
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