Hi to all of you! It's been a long time! And now I'm back with my new song in the style of my favourite band - Iced Earth. I've been listening to their 2007/2008 albums. So I've written a new song. Check it up and crit it please!
C4C as always!

For those of you who loves the band - I've dedicated this song!
01-The Men's Fate.gp4
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I'm not an Iced Earth kinda guy, but this song was quite pleasant and well made. All the little nuances of the main riff are quite excellent.
The Verse riff(s) aren't all too exciting, but they get the job done. Nothing to be done here, as the Pre-Chorus, main theme (chorus), and solo riff are exceptionally strong.

Some parts of the leads in solo could use adjusting, like the galloping leads in bar 95. And that, "inappropriate", bend at 96 was not fitting. The galloping works if you add a 16th note C# to G# (mimicking the C#5) before the bend, and make that a half-step bend instead of a whole. It does wonders to the lead.

Aside from that, the only other reason I stopped this was to go back to a section that I really liked.

A damn good song, if I must say so myself. This is a strong song to return with.