i got around 500 but i wana keep it around there.. lol
i play metal such as progressive power but i want a lot of gain like for a deathmetal also
i would love to be able to hook up the amp (if its a combo) to a cab also for when i jam at my drummers house soo spam away!
bugera 6262?
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Check out a Randall RG50TC. Those are quite underrated.
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Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 or 6505+ 112.
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Anyway, the usual suggestion is the Bugera 6262, bugera 333xl or the peavey 6505.

If you want a head and a cab I suggest looking into the harley benton g212 vintage cab. It's packed with v30s so it will sound awesome with the ones I have listed
Bugera 6262 Head
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live in culvercity next to LA lol pretty big hot spot for music lol and ive herd bad things about the 6505 +120 or whatever combo peavey.. but i will probly still try it out.. i want to try out that burgera amp also lol