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"When Lightning Strikes You Down, I'll Help You Get Back On Your Feet"
.midi and .gp5 zipped up.

C4C, of course, but tell me what you want criticized.

Stay generic, T&C.
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I like how dissociative the titles where. And the streamlined approach really helped propel the song foward.
I see that the purpose was to make a simple and effective -core song, but the drums in the verse/continuation were a bit boring.

Now the chorus is what really held my attention (which is kinda the purpose of a ****ing chorus!). Don't really need to say more here, aside from it being quite satisfying.

Filler section, with a bit adjusting, I think it can be more than filler. I know it's a joke, but it has potential. The same could be said for the rest of the song.

Kept making songs sir. Shit, if you got more, I'd love to hear them.
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Thanks for the crit on mine

i really liked your piece, i liked how the 2 guitars worked with each other, i would of really liked a solo in there woulda worked really well with the dissonant feel, also some of the drums where kind of boring at points, but nothing major, just a few tweaks and sorted, other than that i really enjoyed it, i liked the chorus alot, would of liked a more impacting finale aswell.
anyways put all that aside it was a great piece, nice up tempo song, would like to hear more from you mate, gj 7-8/10
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I like style you have in this. It sounds almost classical influenced in some parts. I would really love to see more things inthis style. Interesting contrapuntal some in some places.
The clock strikes midnight
When tomorrow and today collide
The moon is at its highest
And the twilight seems fitting
For in these moments
The light at the end of the world
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It's actually quite interesting, as mentioned before, the drums can get a bit boring, but that's nothing you couldn't fix. Aside from that, it's quite enjoyable to listen to, and makes a decent -core song.

I think if you went back over the drums and chucked them around about, with some fills, it would make the whole song seem a lot more full.

Again, as said before, the chorus is really good and enjoyable.

I think only really the repetitiveness catches you out, but I'm sure you can fix that.
Great job with it!