Ok so I'm heading off to college in about 2 months, and really have no intention of lugging an amp down with me. I'm looking at getting a POD live pedal to bring down with me to hook up to headphones and my computer to keep a decent tone without the bulky and loud amplifier. Currently, there is the POD Live XT and X3. The X3 offers more variety in tones and amp modules but is also more expensive. I can get a used XT for about $150 as opposed to $350ish for an X3. Is it really that worth it to get the X3 at that price or should I just cheap out a bit and get the XT? anyone had both? Let me know what you think! :p
If you only need it to model an amp for regular practice then yes go with the lower model. But if you plan on live stuff, studio stuff, basically any situation where you want to impress go with the better one.
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if you want to record, go with the x3. If not, the xt should be versatile enough.
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Well I think I'm gonna need something to do recording and live shows in case I should find a band considering I'm gonna be several states away to run back and get my amp and won't necessarily have a car haha :p So it sounds like I should spend a little extra for the X3 at that point then.