Hey peepz,

A friend of mine is selling his guitar, but I can't find it anywhere (not even on the Ibanez website)?

He sais it's an ibanez dx 470 prestige.

Does anybody have a picture, specs, or anything for me?
no results using 8 dif search engines.

sorry mate :/

i know they have a DX 470 RG but not prestige
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Ok thanks, then I'll be surprised with what he props up (I haven't seen the guitar yet)
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does he know the year?

what's the colour?

Pickups/Bridge type?

It's probably one of these:



DX just means deluxe, RG is the type of guitar and 470 is the model number.

Look what came up in the search result

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Yea if there's a guitar with the exact same model number, but its not a prestige I'd assume the one you're friend is selling is not a prestige.

So if he tries to raise the price by sayin it is, he's not a really good friend.
He said value is about 1000 EUR (atm ~1,234.29 USD).

Can this be true, since I'm also having trouble finding a shop which sells the RG470DX
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He said value is about 1000 EUR (atm ~1,234.29 USD).

Can this be true, since I'm also having trouble finding a shop which sells the RG470DX

That's because it's a discontinued model if it's an RG470 and nowhere near worth 1000 EUR, it's worth about 300-350 absolute maximum.

I've found a pic of an RG470FX


The DX should be similar, will probably have something like a matched headstock and different inlays.
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It suggests a Korean made guitar which means it isn't Prestige but the Japanese shop did make a limited edition of the 470DX. I'm pretty sure there are only a few of them & the paint job was yellow.

You really need a serial number from him then have a read of this.
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