We had an argument in class today over this after reading a novel.

The question was "Do you think a person's beauty comes from the way they look or the way they are on the inside??" (meaning like personality, values, etc.)

I sided in the middle. All the people on the personality side argued that they're only attracted to people who are genuine, polite, caring, etc.

I basically told them it was total bullshit. Yeah, someone possessing or not possessing those characteristics can have an effect on attraction but ultimately they were arguing sentimentality over biology.

I even asked them if they would hang out with someone who refused to shower if said person happened to have an amazing personality and be really caring. They said yes.

I call BS. Looks/physical attributes has a lot to do with attraction.
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People will say that but its bull shit. All the popular girls say "I realllly care about personality, looks are a bonus"

Well it's the opposite. Looks are more common, good personality is a bonus to them.

I don't get how girls/guys keep getting screwed over by each other over and over if they've really found the right guy with the awesome personality.
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What novel were you reading?

But yeah, trying to be objective sucks when everyone is convinced otherwise.
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Yeah, of course they're lying. They wouldn't date a guy/girl with giant moles, a unibrow, and a gap no matter good a person he/she is. Plain and simple.
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They are different types of beauty. Different types of beauty will become more or less important depending on what the person is looking for. For example, when I'm looking for a friend to hang out with I'm looking for personality, not looks. If I'm looking for a quick hook up, I'm going to go for physical beauty. If I'm going to look for a serious relationship, I'm going to look for someone who strikes a good balance. not sure if I answered anything there.
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Looks are the bait, but personality is the hook. That's how I see it at least. Someone's looks get me interested but I won't stay interested if their personality is shit.