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Well here's a song I wrote quite a while ago, and infact my bands already started recording it for an album. I play Bass, Vocals and Guitar and my friend plays Drums, Tenor Sax and Keys.

Tell me whatcha think.
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Thats so cool. I might just steal it! lol jk
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sorry bout the delay in my crit

I must say first off...HOLY SHIT!!!
great bass dude!

you weren't kidding when you said you play bass, it definitely shows in your work!
Very cool awesome proggy sound in throughout then mellowing off to the jazz finish

I could probably write a pretty sick drum part for that song, but trust me, the song
doesn't need it to sound good

Well written, and probably would sound pretty kick ass on the real instruments!

Keep up the good work, send me more stuff when you write it!
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The bass in this piece is IMPECCABLE. Amazing job with that, the flashyness fits.

The jazz parts complimented the death parts so well. You fused thing really well. The chorus was super catchy.

Really really good job, it's a it late for me to give a detailed critique aha. 9/10 easily. Epic stuff man, keep it up.

I don't know if this is C4C, but
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