Ive been listening to acoustic stuff more and I think I'm going to buy an acoustic, or a semi-hollow (Epi Joe Pass). I already have an electric guitar, so I'm on the fence about buying a Semi-hollow. Regardless, If I buy an acoustic I want it to be smallish(I'm sure it cant sound as full as a normal sized guitar) because I'm not too tall and yeah. Mainly I'm looking for something kind of the size of John Mayer's Martin (http://images.onset.freedom.com/ocregister/kpj3qb-09mayerlg.jpg) but WAAAAAAAY cheaper. $500 is my range, maybe a little more, hopefully a little less.

What do you guys suggest would be the best bang for the buck? Or should I just stick to the semi-hollow body?

Since I'm new to the whole acoustic thing what questions should I ask myself?

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: I'm told Parlour guitars is what I'm looking for. Is that true?