Sorry if a thread like this has been done before, if it has, I couldn't find it

When I lift my finger from a string after sweeping over it, the string sounds. Take for example a simple Am arpeggio

After sweeping over the 14th fret on the G string, I lift my finger to mute it as I sweep the 13th fret on the B string, and when I finally sweep the 12th fret on the E string, I completely lift my finger off the 14th fret G string. However, when I do that, the G string rings and makes the entire thing sound sloppy. Has anybody had this problem before, and if so, can you give me some tips to fix it?

PS. Sorry if the entire thing is a bit confusing, I'm not the best at wording what I want to say
You lift the finger off a note you just played, and the open string sounds when you do. I know, I've got the same problem.
I'm sure it has been asked before, and there ARE tons of lessons on the web about this, but I'll answer the best I can anyways. When sweeping down (in the direction of the floor) use your thumb/palm to mute strings as you pass down them, and as you sweep up, use the fingery part of your pointer finger of your (assuming you are right handed) left hand. This is what I have more of a problem with, especially on 5 string arpeggios. Sorry if the description doesn't make much sense, I'm sure someone else will explain better
The flesh of your palm should follow your pick, and lightly mute the strings after you lift your fingers from them.
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One of the better sweep picking video's I have come across. He discusses muting about halfway in, but watch it all, I learned something new myself just watching it.

I found that video right before you posted the link

But I am going to try that out. Thanks for the tip and the video!