I want to buy this Arbor Les Paul copy, and it looks good, but it is made of agathis......not mahogany. I don't want an Agile because I don't like how the horn is all rounded off. I play classic rock like Zeppelin, KISS, The Who, ACDC, some Alice In Chains, and some newer stuff.

So whatta ya think.?? Anybody own one??

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If their website is any indication of their quality, I'd watch out...

Just beginning to think that. I'm thinking an Epiphone or Agile would be better.
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Just beginning to think that. I'm thinking an Epiphone or Agile would be better.

I only hear good things of Agile.
Agiles are fantastic, nothing but good things to say about them. Don't let a simple aesthetic thing with the horn turn you off, for the money I doubt you'll find anything better.
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The Arbor LP I found IS only $250. The cheapest Agile LP is $300, I believe.

This LP just has an Agathis body and a Nato Mahogany neck. I think most cheap Agiles have hard maple necks, and probably Nato mahogany bodies, of course they won't tell you that...

And I found it interesting, the description it says 25" scale.

I dunno, it seems like a pretty good deal to me. I couldn't get arborguitars.net to come up, though.

Here's what I found:
I'd get an agile. For $50 more, you're probably getting around 2x the quality.
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