I've been trying to insert some Pain of Salvation influence into my band's songs, but I don't really think it's so evident.

Feedback is appreciated - on the songs and on the titles. 4464 is really just a working name, haven't really thought of anything better, and I'm undecided on Metaphor as a title.
Holy Cow.

I'm sooo sick of these 4/4, breakdown, triplet-overdosing, double bass generic bands and songs.

You sir have overcame that. And with actual talent.

I love how you delay the 02 power chord until later in the song. The effect of power chords are underrated because it's so overused in modern riffs.

You made me think of a simplified tab for Misery Signals. And thats a huge compliment.

Sorry to be analytical and sound so kiss a*s but I'm really not trying to be.

Love it dude. Good job. Will check out the other bands you have listed.
The guitar solo on 4464 could really use some sort of backing. Even a basic synth pad chord backing would work nicely. Other than that, great tune you've got there.
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The PoS influence is pretty evident in "4464." It sounds a little like it should be on One Hour on the Concrete Lake.

I do agree that the song needs a little more body. It loses that ethereal feel it starts out with when the song goes too long without piano or any other backing. I know you want it to be heavy, but it gets a little dull when all you hear is staccattoed riffs the whole song. I think the ending could be a little better too. You should bring back the riff you have in its original form to maintain that odd jarring feeling you had. Work with the drums a little and you could have a more effective ending.

4464 was nice, but without vocals it sounded like lack of levels. I suggest you to improve a little bit drumming and bass. It's too solid. Add some kickass fills.

Metaphor was better I think. It was pretty sad piece, but intresting. A bit slow tempo, but many intresting things all over. I found bar 35 guitar fill a bit off.
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