I don't know where else to put this, but hear me out;
I have been playing for almost a year now and i have missed out on some basic stuff that i feel that i need to work on with someone face to face to work it out.

But here's the thing -- I cant afford lessons. My family is a tad poor and money is tight. But i am getting a job shortly after i turn 14 [the legal age in my state, i dont know if it's different anywhere else], which isn't until october. I'll just pay for my own lessons. But that's too long of a wait. I don't want to develop bad habits with basic stuff from now to october, bad habits are hard to break and i dont want to have to start over or anything. And this is the only thing i have faith in and it is my only talent I've ever had.

If anyone can, please, help me to prevent myself from developing bad habits, or something.

It would be greatly appreciated.
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No lessons, only the ones provided here at Ultimate Guitar.
Post some videos of you playing all your learnt techniques in the technique analysis thread, then when you learn new techniques, post videos of those too.
I don't really see any other way of not developing bad habits by just reading online stuff. Just use common sense; if it hurts, stop. and make it as easy to play as is possible.
I'm gonna agree with Freepower above.. Just listen and pay attention to what your playing. As far as I'm concerned bad habits are only really bad if it affects what your playing in a negative way. At the end of the day it an instrument and you can play it how you want, providing it sounds good and your getting what you want out of it. Just go learn the stuff you feel you should know, it's probably for the best.