Ok, i've been playing guitar for about a year and 9 months, i have a fender squier strat, and a line 6 spider 3 15 watt amp, i like to play rock sometimes with a tinge of blues, and alot of other styles, i'm looking for something that'll give me good distortion but still have nice clear cleans, i just generally want something with alot of versatility, and my budget would be around 200 to 400 (&euro
any ideas?
If you could save a little, I'd suggest a Peavey Classic 30. Those things can get raw with a little boost, and really quite polite on the clean channel. But I'd say their best trick is blues rock. Anything as heavy as AC/DC stock.

If you'd rather go solid-state (which I wouldn't suggest if you plan on playing for the rest of your life) there are plenty of options out there.
perhaps a peavey vypyr (tube or not tube, up to you and your budget) would work out well. the best part about digital amps is that they are extremely versatile right out of the box without having to blow a lot of money on pedals etc.
theres a couple good amps, i really like the crate v22, the fender hotrod series, maybe a used jcm 900 combo
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I think actually that a line 6 flextone would be good for you... you've only got about 2 years experience so you haven't completely matured as a musician yet and so you need plenty of versatility to not only play what you know and love but to also experiment in other genres you have not yet discovered... lol i dunno if it would be in your price range (not sure of USD to EURO conversion)

You may not want to get this simply because its a modeling amp but it is a really solid sounding amp for what it does in its price range :]
How about a vox or blackstar ht-5 or black heart little giant ? Give 'em a try ...

EDIT : damn a marshall haze 15 ...I think its available as a combo too !
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look into the laney LV series. great quality and a great price

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Peavey Classic 30.

This or a Blackheart would be my first suggestions. Also look into Fender Superchamp XDs.
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ok thanks for all your suggestions! i'd heard alot of good things about the peaveys, i'll have a play on a few of these next time i get a chance to visit my nearest outlet (about an hours drive away, i live in the middle of nowhereXD)