They treat you like a hot Potato and pass you around, especially if there's not enough commission in the purchase for the associate. If you get something from them getting help with it is impossible. Once they have your money you become useless. And the markup percentage on their merchandise is incredible. Buy from other musicians on craigslist there are a ton of incredible deals out there, or deal with your local shop, they can usually cut you a deal if you do your homework and they will treat you much more personally. I hope this helps someone and if you want to help a fellow musician out PLEASE call the Northridge, CA Guitar Center @ (818) 993-0286 and simply ask "Why does your customer service suck?". Unless your scared. Go ahead, I would do it for you and there is nothing illegal about calling and asking a question.

Thanx 4 reading,
Johnny B.
i'm too scared!
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FoolishFool, you sir, are a genius. A ****ing genius, I tell you.
I disagree. Granted I've only been in one GC (in Atlanta), but I had a pretty solid experience.

Also, where I'm from, the small local shops don't treat you better. If anything they treat you worse.